All You Can Eat Nightly Meals

The Aqua Family Resorts offers an all you can eat evening meal every day.
All you can Eat $6.95 or with all you can drink beer (for 2 hours) ($9.95)

Chicken Parmgama
A breaded Chicken Schnitzel, topped with a slice of Ham, our special tomato sauce and cheese. Comes with Chips or fries or baked potato and salad or vegetables.
4 Different Pizzas fresh out of our oven will be on offer. Our staff will be walking around offering you slices until you are fit to burst. Salads ,chips, fries and baked potatoes also available.
Potluck Wednesday.
Something different every Wednesday. We do not publish what it is but we can assure you it will be very nice and will come with Salads or Vegetables, chips, fries and baked potatoes also available
A choice of 4 different pastas with a choice of 4 different sauces. Have one or some of all of them, there are 16 different combinations. Comes with Salads ,chips, fries and baked potatoes if you want.
Fish and Chips
Enjoy our scrumptious battered or grilled fish with crunchy thrice fried chips and some mushy peas. Salads ,chips, fries and baked potatoes also available.
The best Saturday Roast in Town
1st Saturday Australian Beef
2nd Saturday Pork
3rd Saturday Chicken
4th Saturday Lamb
5th Saturday Turkey
Ribs and BBQ
Enjoy our baby back ribs cooked wiith either of our home made Smokey Jack Daniels sauce or Coca Cola Sauce. Aussie Rump steak and hand made sausages also available. Our meals come with our home made BBQ beans and baked potatoes, or chips or fries and salad or vegetables.